Our History


During the summer of 2009, Jessica started working at a small boutique located in Ballentine, SC. On slow days, she would bring in picture frames and canvases to paint while she didn't have customers. After posting a few pictures on facebook, some of her friends and sorority sisters started to buy things that she had made, and this led to her starting her own business, A Southern Touch. 


Flash forward to 2013.  Jessica expanded into other personalized items and jewelry. Since most items are hand made or hand painted, they can not be duplicated exactly like you see on line, but close to. This gives you an opportunity to personalize and get creative yourself!

You can stay up to date on A Southern Touch items for sale or personal designs on Instagram at @ASouthernTouchSC.

About Jessica


A southern raised girl who loves life. A graduate of USC Aiken where four years were spent devoting her life to her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Now a citizen of Greenville, South Carolina, but she was born and raised in a small town out of Columbia called Chapin. She married her husband in the Spring of 2014, and they 2 little boys who keep Jessica busy as a stay at home mom. She also has 3 fur babies, Tipsy, Meow Meow and Watson. 

Likes: Green foods-nice people-Target-my family

Weakness: Bargains-homeless pets-bloody marys-oreos